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Need help!

Guys, yesterday I saw this post on my dash, it was a comic strip about two dogs and their child which was buried in the backyard - the end ends with the dogs saying something like “I’m sorry son we should have named you.” Please help me! If you know the link PLEASE let me know! Thank you!

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this is the funniest sentence that I’ve read in a while
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I feel like creating a petition something along the lines of THROW BIEBZ BACK INTO JAIL

Simply because he did something wrong, he needs to pay for it.

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Dear Justin Bieber fans/BiELiBeRz,

I’m really glad that you support someone who could’ve ended someones life. I don’t think you fully understand the severity of his actions—though I wouldn’t expect you to, because:

  1. You’re probably in middle school.
  2. You probably masturbated to his face for the…
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I don’t understand something.

I don’t understand why #WeWillAlwaysSupportYouJustin is trending on Twitter.

It’s bloody disgusting. He was arrested for DUI, or drunk driving. If you’ve lost someone to an accident caused by a drunk driver before you’ll know what I mean. Some (not all) Beliebers are so FUCKING narrow-minded. Sometimes you just need to let go, he made a mistake and mind you, he needs to pay for it. 

Don’t go around saying that he’s a teenager and all. I’m a teen too. I’ve made mistakes. And I’ve paid for them. And I’ve learnt from them.

Justin Bieber is one of us too. Just because he’s a celebrity doesn’t mean that he gets let off for things he did wrong. 

Because in that case, if you were a position or a social level higher than someone else, then you’d be excused from making mistakes? Bullshit.

NO ONE is above the law. He made a mistake and he needs to pay for it. 

Moreover, as a teenage celebrity, he would have been expected to be a role model to fans. I don’t think drunk driving / taking drugs / egging houses really fits the job description.

Beliebers, I’m not questioning your love for Justin Bieber. I’m a fan of someone else too, I know how it feels. But I’m questioning your sense of justice.

Is justice more important, or is Justin Bieber more important? Think about it.

If one day, Justin chose to murder someone, would you choose to stay? Would you try convincing others that murder is no big deal, let him off? What will the future generation say?

If Justin killed someone when he was drunk driving, would you still be able to love him as much as you do now? Would your CONSCIENCE actually let you do so?

Honestly, if you care about Justin Bieber, don’t help him. Let him get what he deserves - and he will change for the better.

But of course if you want to stick with him…. then I have no say.

Just reblog this. And let me know what you think. 

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Anonymous whispered, "Will you write another paisleywood story? Maybe a multi-chaptered one this time? :)"

I will!! Just not now :(((( sorry man I can’t find the inspiration to write at the moment!!

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Ask me something!

I’m so bored. Hit me up on my ask box right here!

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Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton | Black and White | Film | I take requests too, leave them in my ask!
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